2021 Exhibitors

Welcome to TechFest2021!  We are thrilled you have decided to join us for our virtual event and hope you enjoy the videos that have been created for you!  Our exhibitors are committed to providing you fun and engaging content that will inspire you to continue exploring STEM concepts  from the comfort of your home!

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Happy Learning! ~ TechFest Committee

How does DNA work?

Learn more about Sinclair Community College's Bio Dept here!

Gravity Well

Visit their YouTube page here.

Dayton Computer Museum

For more information about the Dayton Microcomputer Association, click HERE.

What's fun in optics?  Light behaviors!

Mister C's DIY Homemade Playdough

Learn more about Mister C here.

Cornstarch, Balloons, and Glue... Viscoelasticity in Polymers All Round Us!

Learn more about Dayton ACS here!

Model Rocketry and STEM
Learn more about Wright Stuff Rocketeers here!

Build a Foam Rocket!

Learn more about Minster STEM Club here!

Extra Strawberry DNA

Learn more about Sinclair Community College's Bio Dept here!

Conway's Game of Life

Learn more about Dayton Dynamic Language here!

CollegeAdvantage, Ohio’s 529 Savings Program

Learn more about CollegeAdvantage here!

What is an Engineering Design Process?

Sinclair Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Technology Challenge!!

To learning more about Sinclair Manufacturing, click here.

Inventors Council of Dayton Stirling Cycle Engines

Learn more about ICOD here!

Meet Henry Ford - Let's Crank it Up!

What is Light?

Engineering and Wonder of Flight

Click here to play the interactive Kahoot designed by the Engineers Club of Dayton!