TechFest 2021 Exhibitor Registration Application has closed.

If you wish to be considered as a virtual exhibitor, please email us at


Registration Guidelines:

  • One (1) submission per organization
  • Organization’s name
  • Organization’s website
  • Organization’s description - 140 characters max.  Anything beyond this will not be used.
  • Determine if the virtual exhibit will be informational, an activity or demo
  • Provide a brief description for your planned exhibit

    Once you have completed your registration application, you will be notified by the TechFest Committee if your virtual exhibit has been approved. Organizations should begin planning how they will record their ideas for the virtual exhibit.  All virtual exhibits should fall into one of the categories and fall.

    Video submissions must all fall into one of the following categories:

    • STEM Activity - Share the materials needed and conduct an activity for others to follow along at home.
    • Demonstration - Share an exciting demonstration to help others learn about a STEM Concept.
    • Informational - share the history of an artifact, etc.
    It is important to remember that each organization will be responsible to develop, record and publish their own exhibit videos.  We have included video creation tips and video requirements to help your team develop a meaningful video that will provide a fun and educational experience for students and families.  **The TechFest Committee is not able to assist in the media development and will exclude videos that do not follow and meet guidelines.

    Video Requirements:  

        • All videos MUST be shorter than 10 minutes in length. Longer submissions will not be included in the event.
        • Videos should be recorded in 720p or 1080p (Smartphones can be a good option for recording)
        • Audio should be clear and presenters should be audible.
        • Avoid filming in a space with background noise, or a space that is distracting to the viewer.
        • All videos must be uploaded to the organization’s YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook platform.  It is the organization's responsibility to upload the video and provide the URL to the Techfest Committee.
        • After review, approved videos will be embedded into the Techfest website.
        • All video submission will be due by January 15, 2021.  Entries submitted beyond the designated date may not be accepted.
        • Organizations may not be political or solicit.
        • Exhibits should be school-age appropriate.  
        • The TechFest will exclude videos that are not STEM focused or are deemed inappropriate for TechFest 2021.

    You will receive additional Video Guidance via email after you have submitted your application.